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follow link LogisticsThe Australian Logistics Academy was formed in the 1990′s for the purpose of providing training and education to advance Logistics and Supply Chain Management practices in Australia and the region. It continues to grow as a professional organisation for Logisticians and plays a major role for Members and the business community by providing access to quality management information, resources, practical education and business networking.

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  • Encourage membership growth
  • Enhance service to members
  • Create educational pathways for Logsiticians at all stages of their careers
  • Provide organisations with excellence in corporate learning services in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Raise the profile of the Academy within the Asia Pacifc region
  • Ensure appropriate information technology support to achieve our business and service objectives

Future Strategies

  • Increase participation in education and professional development programmes
  • Expand partnerships with local and international strategic business partners
  • Enhance the role of the Academy as the “voice of Logistics”
  • Introduce membership Areas of Excellence
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